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We are pleased to offer Lux Designer Villa’s Koh Samui Which is the newest award winning project by “Neo” team with critiqued unique villa design and award winning “Moon Shadow Villa” styling.

This truly magnificent site offers something unique in Thailand. These award winning designer “Moon Shadow” inspired two or three bedrooms villa’s are now available with stunning sea view in Chaweng noi just minutes to the main attraction, beaches, shops, airport and Chaweng beach.



We are pleased to offer Lux Designer Villa’s Koh Samui Which is the newest award winning project by “Neo” team with critiqued unique villa design and award winning “Moon Shadow Villa” styling. The Lux Residence Luxurious & Private Villas Presented to you by the Neo Estate Team and Khun Bodin’s With breathtaking sea view on the beautiful tropical Island of Koh Samui in Gulf of Thailand site “The Lux Samui” a Residential area offering 5 uniquely designed by Bodin.

The interior design has created spaces with an identity which is very elegant and luxurious. It is also casual enough for guests to feel comfortable and relaxed within this lovely built environment.

Living in Your Style

As with all great properties, the design also features some small and unexpected surprises, contrasting nicely with the eco elements that reflect the identity and the passion of the brand.

In the concept of residence embodied ideas Khun Bodin Architect, the efforts and creative process of the design studio team, as well as the construction company.
The best result is what we see!


The Architect.

Bodin Sritrakul a qualified Architect and Developer, who has been design and build a villas exclusively on Koh Samui for more then 15 years now. His design philosophy is to try and create a buildings,which blend in as seamlessly as possible which the environment and quality for the construction.


The Work Process.

Experienced team of builders for over 15 years show high-quality results, than we are sincerely proud and happy that our work is highly appreciated.


Friends Family Firm

The hard working and highly experienced design team and construction behind Neo Estate is composed of Architects, Drafts men, Engineers and Construction team for each project that will take advantage of the environment and take care all the building we has build to be friendly with the natural.


Property Management

The Neo Estate Corporation Management Company will have an onsite office so they can take care of the residents and guests needs and to ensure that they have a pleasant of a stay as possible.


The Neo Estate Corporation Maintenance Company will ensure that stays in tip top condition by maintaining all the cleaning and maintaining all the communal spaces, gardens, roads, walkways, generators, as well as providing pest control and hr security.

Koh Samui Island

Ko Samui (or Koh Samui, Thai) is an island off the east coast of the Kra Isthmus, Thailand. Geographically in the Chumphon Archipelago, it is part of Surat Thani Province, though as of 2012, Ko Samui was granted municipal status and thus is now locally self-governing. Ko Samui is Thailand's second-largest island after Phuket, with an area of 228.7 km2, a population of over 63,000 and a hotel occupancy rate of 73 percent as the number of visitors continues to increase. Abundant tourist resources, sandy beaches, coral reefs, and coconut trees are present on the island.